We know it can get a bit confusing… you wake up one day and you want to send a bag of dicks to somebody. We’ve answered a few of the common questions we get below.

Aside from wholesome goodness and happiness, our dicks do have a few other ingredients.

They are:
Natural flavourings (apple, lemon, raspberry, pear, orange),
Glucose syrup, Sugar
Acidifier (citric acid)
Colouring (E100- Turmeric, E120- Carmine, E133-
Blue no. 1), Vegetable oil (coconut)
agent (carnauba wax)

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Take a look at our delivery page to find out where we send our dicks to. If you wish your country was on there, but it isn’t, let us know here.

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It’s a good question. Some people send flowers and chocolates, others send a card and money. The reality is, nothing gets your message across like a bag of dicks. Whether you want to anonymously show your appreciation or let your other half know how much you love them, nothing says it like a bag of dicks.

Category: FAQs

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Any more questions? Email help@postabagofdicks.co.uk