Who should you anonymously send dicks to?

It’s a dilemma you never thought you’d have, but you simply don’t know who to send some dicks to. Your ex? What about your boss? Would your Gran appreciate them? We list the top recipients, and some of the best reasons we’ve heard.

Your Boss

We’ve all had a day where we wanted to tell our boss to eat a bag of dicks. Most days, if we’re honest with ourselves. Unfortunately, you’d probably lose your job, won’t be able to eat, won’t have a home, and essentially will ruin your own life. Not ideal. Just send them some dicks instead, and they’ll never know who sent them.

Your Ex

Was your ex hunting down dicks left, right and centre while claiming to be a loyal partner? Give them what they’ve always wanted – a big bag of edible jelly dicks with a personalised note letting them know just how much you appreciate them.

Your Best Friend

Looking to congratulate your best mate on their new job? How about helping them through a tough few days? Nothing brings a smile to somebody’s face like a bag of dicks, completely with a beautifully written message, tailored just for them. We’ve seen some spectacular messages between best friends, and you can read some of the best personalised notes here.

Your Gran

We get it. It’s weird. But somebody did it, for their Grans birthday. We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Nobody loves bags of dick more than politicians. It’s a well known fact. Jeremy Hunt has been on the receiving end of many dicks and we can only assume he enjoyed them, because he didn’t email us to complain.

Got a better idea on who to send them to? Let us know!